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About us



Our Journey

Innila was founded in 2018 as home made brand with mission to deliver best in class Skin and Hair care products without using any harsh chemicals for more beautiful and healthier you.

We believe that everyone deserves access to natural and safe personal care products and we strive to empower our consumers to recognize that they have a choice in their beauty and wellness routines.

Our mission is to provide the best-in-class products in India which is “Made in India” at an affordable cost.

These thoughts gave birth to the new brand “Innila” – A Glow of Moon. We know that beautiful skin begins with healthy skin. With that in mind, we set out our journey to discover a unique blend of ingredients.

The “Struggle”

Over the period, we observed handful of Indian Private label brands in this segment with same vision, intent and with outstanding quality of products.

But, however due to intense competition from large competitors, international market players and less funding these brands were struggling to keep up the phase in this segment in India. We know how the situation during these cycles would be, as we have also gone through the similar phase in our earlier stage as small Private label personal care brand.

Take an example from the global beauty market. If a niche player from India wants to be competitive and sustain, then it must focus on building a strong brand identity and solidifying its presence in both national and international markets. When a niche player is scaling its operations in India, one of the biggest challenges is sizeable investment required. Achieving this in the beauty industry is quite difficult due to intense competition, global market players and lesser funding opportunities.

Evolution Into Indian Marketplace For SMB’s

At “Innila” we know that our work is never finished. Our founder always quote that “If we are not supporting Indian Brands and Entrepreneurs then who will?”. This vision gave birth to an Indian marketplace “Innila – An Indian Aisle” started with mission to build a platform that can serve New & Small Private label brands in this segment to showcase the products without any huge advertising spend where in existing leading marketplaces charges it sellers in form of Advertising fee to get visibility of the products.

Also, We Say A Strict No To Imported Products and International Brands As We support Products That Are Only “Made in India” Or “Make In India”

The Care For Our Customers

Here, We focus on Quality of Products and Brands, not the quantity of money Brands can afford to put the products in front of consumers. Unlike other marketplaces here the Brand owners need to go through intense screening for the quality of products before the product goes live in our platform. The products are shortlisted basis the actual customer demand and keeping our consumers well-being in mind.


To Our Vendors & Indian SMBs

  • 1.No International Brands
  • 2.Supporting Small & Medium Private Label Brands
  • 3.No Cash on Delivery to reduce Fake & Returned Orders For Our Sellers to stay competitive on prices

To Our Customers

  • 1.Products – Only “Made In India”
  • 2.Each Product Is Screened Before Going Live On Our Platform.
  • 3.Affordable Cost Of Products Since We Are Not Charging Any Advertisement Fees For Our Sellers.
  • 4.Only Brand Owners & No 3rd Party or Unauthorized Resellers - No More Fake or Counterfeit Products.


We don’t want only our customers to be delighted with good shopping experience. The true success of a marketplace lies from keeping both it sellers and customers happy 😊. We have this focus on our mind and we will continue working towards this mission.


When you shop at Innila, as a marketplace we can guarantee you authenticity and quality of products. Above this as a customer you are directly contributing to the growth of small & medium business around you while supporting Made in India Goods.

Words From Our Founder

We have already started! We’re learning! We’re trying! We’re scaling! & We might be one among leader board of international marketplaces (Yes! We can make it) But we can’t keep going without Friends, Well Wishers & Consumers.

All, I need is your hands as part of this long journey. Please share a few moments and explore our website and give us a chance to serve you. Yes, every purchase counts here! If you’re not supporting your SMBs (Neighbor’s) then who will?.

Stayed tuned… We have more new products & Technology coming your way!

With Love, Founder & CEO –